We have a friend that posts a “Victory Friday” every week. His posts share a lot of inspirational messages that help keep the little things in life within perspective. While, the weekly “End Grains” are not going to be emotionally inspiring, it will hopefully inspire you to try something new.  We were asked to make a couple Lego Sumo Bot boards for a 4-H program. The boards had to be 36 inch circles made from 1/4 inch melamine. Making a circle is a tough endeavor. Making large circles can be a nightmare. Even with a jig, it is tough. We tried a new router jig and it worked adequately. The centering piece was a small piece of plastic that the jig rotated around. Unfortunately, the jig would come off of the center piece and allow the router to run amuck. We finished the boards and the center piece’s inadequacies did not cause any great trials and tribulations. Our adventure culminated with a great desire to find a jig that has a centering piece that somehow locks onto the jig arm. Our shop will be working on something to change this design. But, if you know of a better design already out there, let us know. We would rather not reinvent the wheel.

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